Cedar Breaks National Monument

Spectacular Geology, Forests, and Meadows at 10,000 Feet.
Discover one of America’s most special parks: look down into a half-mile deep geologic amphitheater; wander among timeless bristlecone pines; stand in lush meadows of wildflowers; ponder crystal-clear night skies; and experience the richness of the subalpine forest.

Created to protect “spectacular cliffs, canyons, and features of scenic, scientific, and educational interest,” Cedar Breaks National Monument is one of 270 national park units identified as containing significant natural resources. The park includes an outstanding, scenic, multi-colored geologic amphitheater with a mixture of spruce/fir forest and subalpine meadows on the rim lands.

At this elevation, (8,100–10,662 feet), winters are long and cold. Summers are brief and cool. Mean monthly minimum temperatures are above 32 degrees F only in June, July, August, and September. Annual cumulative snowfalls can exceed 30 feet. A wide variety of plant life exists in the park, due to the wide range in elevation and micro-habitats. The park’s topographic diversity also supports a large variety of animal life.

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