Explore 5 More | East Zion National Park & Beyond

Luckily Zion National Park is a stunning natural wonder, no matter where you visit within the park. Beyond the ever-popular trails along the Scenic Canyon Drive, there are wonders to be discovered on the lesser-explored East side of the park as we

Exploring Past the Horizon

Having lived in Northern Utah, Southern Nevada, and Southern Utah, I have had easy access to a wide variety of stunning national parks. The Western United States is rich with stunning landscapes, unique wildlife and skies that one can’t find anywhere else.

Angels Landing and a Portion of West Rim Trail Will Close For One Week In October

Beginning October 2, through 6, 2017, Angels Landing and a portion of the West Rim Trail will close for maintenance.

Upcoming Trail Closure: Hidden Canyon Trail in Zion National Park to close on June 5 – Sept 1

Zion National Park’s Hidden Canyon Trail will be closed on June 5, 2017 for trail maintenance.