Exploring Past the Horizon

Having lived in Northern Utah, Southern Nevada, and Southern Utah, I have had easy access to a wide variety of stunning national parks. The Western United States is rich with stunning landscapes, unique wildlife and skies that one can’t find anywhere else.

Our 5 Favorite Ways to Welcome Spring & Where to Go

As much as we love winter, the glittering flakes, the rush of flying down a ski slope, and the different look that it lends to our surrounding environment, we're ready for spring! Budding trees, hiking trails that have finally dried out, incredible views, a light jacket..... we're calling it. Winter was great, but let's get … Continue reading Our 5 Favorite Ways to Welcome Spring & Where to Go

In the Tracks of Giants | Searching for Dinosaurs in the Southwest

Whether you were obsessed with dinosaurs as a kid, love the idea of giant lizards running around causing chaos, or you just love any movie franchise that stars both Jeff Goldblum and Chris Pratt... Dinosaurs are amazing! While we're all for a vacation that spontaneous with no real theme in site, how incredible would it … Continue reading In the Tracks of Giants | Searching for Dinosaurs in the Southwest

Dog Friendly National Forest Adventures to Add to Your List

There's something about being in nature that grounds us. Providing a sense of peace and relaxation even though the trail may not have been the easiest. But part of what adds to the experience of exploring outdoors; part of what adds to that sense of peace and accomplishment is determined by who else is on … Continue reading Dog Friendly National Forest Adventures to Add to Your List

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow Everywhere

While staring at beautiful people visiting beautiful places can be fun and inspiring, have you ever wondered what it would look like if you were a gummy bear... hiking Angel's Landing in Zion National Park? Because, well, there's an Instagram account for that!

Weekend Adventure in Red Cliffs

When heading out for adventure in Southern Utah it's easy to pick the more popular locations such as; Cedar City, St. George, or Zion National Park. However, missing out on everything offered in and around Red Cliffs Recreation Area in Leeds, UT would be a mistake!

A New Look for Instagram

https://www.instagram.com/explore5more/ Looking for a new way to plan your next outdoor adventure? We've added a new twist to our Instagram feed with an Explore 5 More challenge! We'll be posting a theme (ie explore 5 more waterfalls) and following it up with our five favorites in the coresponding category. We challenge you to do the … Continue reading A New Look for Instagram

Family Spring Break Adventures in Southern Utah

Camp all week, have an overnighter, stay at a hotel like Ruby’s Inn or take a day trip, your options are endless in Southern Utah.

Explore Five More: Hidden Treasures Near Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

The picturesque twisted canyons and deep blue waters of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area make it seem like you have transported to another planet. If you ever manage to draw yourself away from this desert paradise, check out these five other areas to explore.

Explore Five More: Hidden Treasures Near Great Basin National Park

The solitude of this desert offers some of the darkest and clearest night skies in the country, and is one of the best places to view the Milky Way with the naked eye. Don’t miss out on Lehman Caves, the forgotten treasure of the park. After you’ve drunk in the night skies and deep caves, wander over to these five stunning locations as well.