5 Instagram Accounts to Follow Everywhere

If your Instagram feed looks anything like those of our team members you’re constantly scrolling past AMAZING photos of AMAZING locations! While our suitcase is dying in a corner covered by the shrapnel of everyday life (textbooks, bills, clothes that will never be folded) we can dream of great adventures for just a moment while scrolling.

While staring at beautiful people visiting beautiful places can be fun and inspiring, have you ever wondered what it would look like if you were a gummy bear… hiking Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park? Because, well, there’s an Instagram account for that!

Below are our Top 5 Instagram accounts that follow adorable little ‘creatures’ on their adventures.

adventure Gummies

These little guys are taking the world by storm (while avoiding direct sunlight) as they scale Walter’s Wiggles, Arches, and even travel as far as Glomfjord, Norway! The pictures are fun and the sights are incredible. The only downside?
Following this account may leave you craving adventure AND gummy bears.

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Who recognizes this chain hike?

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Loki the wolfdog

An unbelievably gorgeous dog exploring unbelievably gorgeous places? The tag line in his bio is right “breakin’ hearts since 2012” Loki the Wolfdog is our new favorite to follow!

He even looks majestic on a floating rubber duck, look at this guy go!

Living Lego

Collecting LEGO mini-figures is an adventure in-and-of itself but these mini-figures are out and about living their best life. This little Lego couple is traveling the world and documenting it all on their Instagram feed.

There’s something fun about seeing these iconic places through the eyes of a beloved childhood toy.

Following Toys with Joe Cowlishaw

Storm-troopers, dinosaurs, Lego figures and (our favorite) the Iron Giant! These toys are experiencing the world in the biggest way. With some great perspective shots these toys look like their in another world, when really they’re just showing off the beauty of ours.

the national park service, captions of gold

Beyond the INCREDIBLE places that they get to work in every day, we’re in love with the clever captions that come from the National Park Service! Often looking at the parks around them through the eyes of the creatures that inhabit these beautiful places, this Instagram feed is a must-have in your feed.

“Danger Noodles”, “Floaty Potatoes” and “Sea Flap Flaps” are words you’ll have to add to your repertoire after following this account!