A New Look for Instagram


Looking for a new way to plan your next outdoor adventure? We’ve added a new twist to our Instagram feed with an Explore 5 More challenge! We’ll be posting a theme (ie explore 5 more waterfalls) and following it up with our five favorites in the coresponding category.

We challenge you to do the same by tagging us in your own photos @explore5more for a chance to be featured in our challenge wrap up on all of our social media platforms.

Are you ready to get out and explore five more?

Let’s go!

For our explore 5 more challenge we choose some well known places, and some of those hidden gems a little more off the beaten path. The falls at Gunlock State Park (shown below) haven’t been seen since 2011! As you can see from this gorgeous shot, they’re well worth the drive to Southern Utah.

An example of a better-known gem is posted below. Havasu Falls is a frequently traveled and always magnificent example of one more place you have to add to your bucket list!

And we always need one close to our home base of Cedar City, UT……